The Eden Project: Worlds Largest Indoor Rainforest

The Eden Project is a collection of giant bio-domes containing various botanical gardens and rainforests, located in Cornwall, England. It is both a botanical and architectural gem, providing a home to countless species of plants, trees, fruits, vegetables, and small animals such as birds, frogs, insects, and other reptiles. It’s one of those surreal places you can completely lose yourself in for a day of inspiration. Indoors, the domes feature different areas filled with plants that characterize a certain climate, for example, the Meditaranian dome is full of herbs used in Mediterranian cooking. Outdoors you’ll find gardens filled with classic British greenery often featured in liberty prints.

Besides being a tourist attraction, the Eden Project also doubles as a charity. The proceeds are put into different foundations such as rainforest preservation,  fighting the extinction of endangered species and technological advancement that help preserve our planet. It’s a must-see for every botanical lover and environmentalist.

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