4 fruit trees you can easily grow indoors

Houseplants but better: Indoor fruit trees. The list of fruit plants you can grow indoor is almost endless. We like to show you the ones that also brighten up your living. Dwarf trees make it possible to grow these fruits indoors, these are grafted from a fruit tree. You don’t need to be a farmer in order to grow your own home-grown foods. If you have a sunny window and a bit of extra time you will already reap the benefits of your fruit tree.

1. Banana tree

The banana tree is a real statement plant in your living. Bringing the tropics into your living, your interior just can’t be boring anymore. Compost the plant monthly and mist with a spray bottle to mimic a bit of humidity.

2. Olive tree

A Mediterranean touch to your interior. This one is the easiest to take care of, simply water the tree when the top inch has dried out. It needs about six hours of sunlight each day. The olive tree has a classic vibe to it, how can you not love it?

3. Lemon tree

Grant the lemon tree with the sunniest spot in your room, it needs about eight to twelve hours of sunlight every day. Beside the lemons, you can also use the lemon leaves for flavoring your dishes.

4. Fiddle-leaf fig

The fig plant offers an elegant look to your living, it doesn’t become excessively large and at the same time remain noticeable. This one is easy to grow, place the plant away from direct sunlight, feeding with fertilizer two to three times a season.

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