Milan Design Week 2018: Go To Exhibitions

With new seasons comes new inspiration and when it comes to interior design and innovative products and solutions, nothing inspires more than Milan Design week. During the design week, hundreds of exhibitions will be showcased in various locations throughout Milan. In order too narrow it down a bit, we selected some of the must-see exhibits and brands that will be presented during this year’s Design Week, from innovative products to social experiments and art installations. Milan Design Week will take place between April 17th  and 22nd.

1. Dimore Studio

Photo Dimore Studio

Italian design studio, Dimore Studio, founded by design duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran will be showcasing a total of three exhibitions during the upcoming Milan Design Week. The first, Dimore Gallery, will feature an installation of iconic 20th-century design at a location on Via Solferino 11. On the same location, the studio will showcase its latest pieces from the Progetto Non Finito and Oggetti collections. Lastly, an installation titled “Limited Edition” will present six store-front windows filled with objects from the late 1800s and early 1900s that have been deconstructed and updated with modern materials.

2. HAY

Photo by HAY

Danish brand, Hay will also be making a comeback during the 2018 Milan Design Week. This time in collaboration with Sonos and WeWork, creating a shared vision for the future of design, collaboration, and living spaces. Each brand is driven by innovation, passion and the unlimited possibilities that evolve from the desire to create better experiences for everyday life. HAY, Sonos, and WeWork have imagined an entire universe that will explore the best in design, sound, living, and work. The exhibition is a total of 1500 square feet and will be set at the Palazzo Clerici, promising an interesting clash between past and future.

3. Norwegian Presence

Photo by Norwegian Presence

Hay won’t be the only Scandinavian brand presenting in Milan this week. Design brand Norwegian Presence, based in Norway will also be attending with a showcase titled “Exploring: the making of modern Norway” The show will be located in the Tortona district from the 17th till the 22nd of April.

4. Living Nature by Carlo Ratti

Photo by Carlo Ratti

Italian architect, Carlo Ratti will be exhibiting an incredible installation titled “garden pavilion” in which all four seasons will coexist under one roof. The installation features Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter all created with the studio’s climate control system. The plants will be placed under a responsive “crystal membrane”, which filters the sun into the space. Creating an incredible botanical experience for the floral fanatic.

5. MINI Living

Photo by MINI

During the upcoming Design Week, MINI living asks themselves the question, whether or not traditional design processes are still the most successful solution to the challenges of limited living space. In collaboration with the London-based architecture firm, Studiomamma, MINI will create a “micro-neighborhood” exploring collaboration between residents and architects and how, by encouraging this, both residents and architects can solve future challenges in the urban environment. The installation can be experienced at Salone del Mobile from 17th till the 22nd of April at Via Tortona 32.


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