Hadars house: Minimal Scandinavian living by Asante Architecture & Design

The Hadars house is a 50m2 residence located right on the coast of Stokkøya, Norway. The eco-friendly miniature home was created by Stockholm, Sweden-based architecture firm,
Asante Architecture & Design.

The house is part of the project Bygda 2.0, a rural development project focusing on developing modern Norwegian houses in a dynamic context combined with spaces for businesses and research activities. A place to live, work and enjoy. Hadar’s house is located on the rocks next to the shoreline, creating a beautiful view over the water. The house is made up of burned wood, which is a traditional Japanese technique and has a modern low-energy heating system using firewood. The Scandinavian design aesthetic combined with Japanse influences and innovative sustainable solutions are what make this residence truly unique and inspirational.

Photos by Marius Rua


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