At Home with Plants by Ian Drummond & Kara O’Reilly

These days it’s hard to imagine interior design without including plants. Indoor gardening is no longer simply growing a plant, but using plants as a way to enhance the interior in an aesthetically pleasing way that suits your personal style. Other than that we are constantly living in our virtual worlds, whether it’s through social media, or work that places you behind a computer all day, resulting in a craving for nature.

If you feel the need for more green in your life, At Home With Plants by authors, Ian Drummond and Kara O’Reilly is a great book to get you started. At Home with Plants helps you select, plant, and display a wide range of easy-to-care-for botanicals. The book is full of creative interior planting and design ideas for each room of the house, and insight to which plants are best suited for that area of the house.

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