The Bobertz Residence: A living museum of modernist design


The Bobertz Residence was designed by Los Angeles-based modernist architect, Craig Ellwood and is the only home designed by him located in San Diego. The home was built on the request of the young couple, Gerry & Charles Bobertz back in 1953. These days however it’s owned by Keith and Jessica York, who did an amazing job restoring it to its old glory.

The house is filled with original modernist furniture and artwork from local artists of the time period, creating the ultimate time capsule of the era. Each area of the house gives off the same warm and comfortable vibe, making it the perfect home to raise a family. The exterior, however, is equally stylish due to the landscape design of landscape architect, Todd Pitman. The sculptural plants (including many succulents) provide an excellent contrast to the sharp lines of the house. The glass walls seamlessly blend the outdoor with the indoor, creating the perfect urban oasis.

Photography by: Darren Bradley

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