Plant: Exploring the Botanical World

Plant: Exploring The Botanical World, celebrates the long history between plants and mankind. Since the beginning of time men have been fascinated by plants, resulting in tons of research, design, and art based on plants. The Botanical World features 300 images varying from illustrations found in recovered manuscripts to watercolors made on James Cook’s exploration of Australia, and plant-themed art photography as well as micrograph scans.

What also makes the book interesting is the way it’s been made up. Rather than arranging the different works in a chronological order, they are mixed and match, creating amazing complementary yet very contrasting pages of art and science. It’s this visual aspect that separates the book from others in the same genre and makes it the ultimate coffee table book that never gets old.

Philip Reinagle, Large flowering Sensitive Plant (from Robert John
Thornton’s Temple of Flora), 1799.

Rob Kessler, Scabiosa crenata, 2013.

NIkolaus Joseph von Jacquin and Johannes Scarf, Various Flowering Plants, 1792.

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