From Us With Love: Plug-lamp

From Us With Love, is a Swedish design studio based in Stockholm, who focus on innovative product, furniture, and lighting design. They work from their office and showroom in Old Town, Stockholm and their client base consists of brands such as Ikea, Design House Stockholm, and Baux.

In the current zeitgeist, we are constantly looking for a place to re-charge our laptops, smart-phones, tablets etc. In collaboration with Ateljé Lyktan, From Us With Love created the Plug Lamp, a lamp with a built-in electrical socket. The Plug Lamp is great for public places where people are usually in search of a place to recharge their electrical devices, like cafes, restaurants, and hotels, but it’s simplistic and aesthetic design also make it suitable for home usage, like on a bedside table or even as a desk lamp.

You can purchase Plug Lamp at Scandinavian Design Centre

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