Kantarell: A soft and ambient light

The Kantarell is a prototype of a three-piece Lamp series designed by the Norway-based designer, Falke Svatun. The designs are a result of Svatun’s studies on direct lighting with the goal to create a soft and ambient light.

Each lamp in the series has the same distinctive lighting effect. The reflector functions like an inverted funnel to spread the light outwards from the hidden light source in the center. The pendant is static, but the head of the floor and side table variation of the lamp can be tilted in a ninety-degree angle, changing the composition of the lamp as well as the direction of the light. The lamps are made up of steel, aluminum, and a LED light source.

Photo’s by Falke Svatun

Chiraine Rosina

Chiraine is stylist and contributing editor of Plant Light Book

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