Bridging nature and the city: Botanical products by We Smell The Rain

The goal of Amsterdam-based design studio We Smell The Rain is to bring nature indoors, and to bridge the gap between nature and the city. From this point of view, We Smell The Rain launched their first product collection: the Kokedama.

Inspired by ancient Japanese techniques, combined with contemporary craftsmanship, We Smell The Rain developed small botanical planets that consist of layers of soil, moss and thread. The result is a living sculptural object that is a self contained vessel for the plant to grow. Kokedama comes in different plant types that are all cultivated in the Netherlands and 100% handcrafted in the studio of We Smell The Rain.

According to We Smell The Rain, it is important to remind people of the necessity to treat nature with kindness; an ethos that can be applied on a small scale, within peoples homes, but also on a large scale. In a sense, their small botanical planets can be seen as a metaphor for the earth.

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