Mark Haddawy’s home renovations

Besides co-founder of the high-end vintage store Resurrection Vintage, with stores in New York and Los Angeles, Mark Haddawy is a notorious restorer of midcentury modern houses with a vision that is dedicated to the original concept of the house.

Haddawy has completed renovation projects for director Marc Forster, photographer Mark Seliger, designer Jeremy Scott and members of Maroon 5. Among those projects are famous mid-century houses by leading architects of that period such as John Lautner, Richard Neutra and Pierre Koenig.

In an article in T-magazine, Haddawy highlights his approach when starting a renovation project: “You have to decide, what did the architect do, and what did somebody do 10 years later?” According to his philosophy, the original idea is of great value, rather than fashions of later periods. Therefore, it is Haddawy’s intention to “do the right thing for the house”, not to “make bold moves”. Precisely because the authenticity of the houses is valued above all other things, the projects do not reflect an aesthetic of the past, but the timeless essence of mid-century modern architecture and design.

We selected four of our favorite Haddawy-renovations.

1. Holy Oak

2. Lautner Harpel House

3. Bueblo Ribera

4. Neutra Kun House

Images: Mark Haddawy

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