The 10 best design lamps on Etsy

Etsy is a shopping destination for vintage and selfmade products of all kinds. The amount of offered products can be overwhelming however. Therefore we select the best products on Etsy for you. This time we selected the 10 best design pendant lamps on Etsy, all for an affordable price.

10.  Danish pendant lamp by Carl Thore (c. 1960s)

9.  Dutch design by RAAK Amsterdam (c. 1970s)

8.  Danish pendant lamp by Louis Poulsen (c. 1960s)

7.  Pendant lamp, presumably by Frandsen, Denmark  (c. 1970s)

6. Pendant lamp by Lyskaer (c. 1960s)

5. Blue & Orange pendant lamp by Lyfa from Denmark (c. 1970s)

4. Murano glass pendant lamp from Italy (c. 1970s)

3. Dutch Design pendant lamp from Aniva, designed by J.J.M. Hoogervorst (c. 1960s)

2. Mazzega style pendant lamp from Italy (c. 1960s)

1.  Rare Dutch Design, pendant lamp by Ton Haas (c. 1980s)

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