Wall-lamps from space: a selection from the web

Space traveling has not only been an inspiration for writers and filmmakers, also for designers. The space age movement, which was at its high point between 1960 and 1970, left its mark on fashion, architecture and design, among other things.

Most significantly, space age marked an era in which architects and designers used different shapes and materials. New materials, such as lightweight fiberglass and polyester that were developed for flight, opened up the possibility to more easily create round shapes in architecture and design. Which resulted in round buildings that looked like spaceships and boomerang shaped objects, as shown by the examples below.

A 1963 rendering shows the design for Biff’s Coffee Shop in Oakland, California by Armet & Davis Architects

Product-design from the Space Age era. Images: Space Age Museum LLC


We selected diverse wall-lamps and sconces, all significant for the space-age era for their design, shape or material.

Wall lamps by Doria Leuchten Germany. Period: c.a. 1960’s (€2.112,07 at 1stdibs)

Left: Manufactured by Poliarte, designed by Albano Poli. Period: 1974 (€1.760,06 at 1stdibs)
Right: Louis Falff for Philips, 1958 (€200 at Vintage-Lights)

Wall lamps by Vitrika, Denmark Period: c.a. 1960’s (€1.132 at 1stdibs)

Left: Manufactured by Staff Leuchten, Designed by Motoko Ishii. Period: 1970’s (€2.400 at 1stdibs
Right: Handblown wall sconces manufactured by Leucos from Italy. Period: 1970 to 1979 ($1,534.00 at Pamono)

Designed by Charlotte Perriand, manufactured by Cosack. Period: 1960’s (€4.200 at 1stdibs)

Wall lamps, designed by Achille Castiglioni for Flos. Period: 1967 (at Mass Modern Design

Wall lamp by Raak Amsterdam. Period: c.a. 1970’s (€80,00 at Etsy)

Space age wall lamp Manufactured by Hustadt. Period: 1970’s (€ 79,00 at Etsy)

Wall lamps, designed by Achille Castiglioni for Flos. Period: 1960’s (€2.282,80 at 1stdibs)  

Wall panels manufactured by Vistosi Murano. Period: 1970’s (€5.500 at 1stdibs)

Large 1970s architectonic sconces from Denmark. Period: 1970s (€550 per item at 1stdibs)

Manufactured by Gebr. Cosack, Germany. Period: 1970s ($4,490 at Ebay)

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