Sheats-Goldstein Residence: Lautner’s modernist luxury

A house that may look familiar. The Sheats-Goldstein residence is used in multiple films, of which The Big Lebowski is perhaps the most significant (porno-director Jacky Treehorn is the proud owner in the 1998 cult classic).

Architect John Lautner completed the house in 1963 for Helen and Paul Sheats. Lautner became an influential architect and is strongly connected to the space-age design movement. Revolutionary engineering is characteristic for Lautner’s work, which is demonstrated in almost every inch of this modern villa. Also, blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors is dominant in Lautner’s design philosophy. The Sheats-Goldstein residence clearly shows this: the tropical garden becomes an essential element of the indoor spaces.

In 1972, Goldstein bought the place and worked with Lautner to renovate and update the house according to Lautner’s vision, up until Lautner’s death in 1994.

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