From zero to hero: the recent succes story of Fase Madrid

According to the writers of ‘Fase, the Book’ they evolved from an ordinary item on the desks of Spanish officials to an ‘international object of desire’: desk and table lamps by FASE Madrid.

Established in the 1950s, while Spain was under the reign of military dictator Franco, the FASE factory produced desk lamps for Spanish officials. High-end models such as the Presidente, Presidente SC, Falux and Boomerang 64 were probably designed for high officials. When the Spanish economy flourished, in the 1960s, FASE began to produce for commercial purposes. In the 1970s the company exported to almost every country in the world. In the 1990s the company closed its doors, possibly because many people in Spain wanted to break with all memories to the dictatorial regime, including the FASE lamps that often ended up as garbage.

In later years, fueled by T.V. series such as Mad Men, where the FASE Madrid Presidente SC is on Don Draper’s desk, the lamps became a popular item. Also prominent interior magazines such as Architectural Digest Spain plugged the FASE lamps extensively. Eventually the most exclusive pieces are sold up to 2000 dollars at online shops such as 1st dibs and auction house Christies.

Below we present our selection of the finest models on the web.

Source: (text) Fase, the Book, Kunstbus

Don Draper behind his desk, from the serie Mad Man

Fase Madrid, model unknown, c.a. 1970s, for 395,- (at Barbamama)

Fase Madrid, model unknown, metal, chrome and glass, c.a. 1960s for 1.900 (at Gallery L7)

Fase Madrid, model President, c.a. 1950-1959, for 1.300 (at 1stdibs)

Fase Madrid, model Falux, c.a. 1960’s, for 425,- euro (on Etsy)

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