The Katinsky House: a true mid-century design museum

To many there is perhaps no connection between ‘mid-century design classics’ and ‘Brazil’. Which is a shame, for there is an outstanding design culture in Brazil, and some of the best interior designers from this period lived and worked here.

The pictures shown below are taken in the house of Julio Katinsky (b. 1932), a Brazilian architect and designer. This modernist house with many open spaces and large windows connecting the garden with the living- and dining room, is basically a small design museum. To highlight a few items: the coffee table in the living room is a famous piece by Jorge Zalszupin, a Polish born architect and designer who moved to Brazil after WOII. This table was designed in the 1960’s and, just like many of Zalszupin’s designs, characterized by the use of local woods and strong woodworking. One of the chairs in the living room, a famous design-classic by Joaquim Tenreiro (1906-1992), also designed in the 1960s. Tenreiro was born into a family of woodworkers and one of the first Brazilian designers to adopt the European modernist design signature. His family-heritage and love for modernist design resulted in true mid-century perfection. Also worth mentioning is the white armchair by Martin Eisler, who was born in Austria but worked in Brazil most of his life. Furthermore two metal and leather Katinsky’s chairs can be found in the living room.

Shot for AD Spain by Ricardo Labougle, styled by Leandro Favaloro & Martina Lucatelli.


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