Urban Jungles: Botanical Garden in Antwerp

Now and then we like to call attention to small or big urban jungles within city’s around the world. Parks or gardens that provide a temporary escape from urban commotion. Where you can get in touch with nature, if you like.

Beautiful photography of Belgium photographer Philippe Corthout drew our attention to a 200 year old botanical garden in the city centre of Antwerp. In ‘the Plantgarden’ There are a great number of unique trees and plants; among them, for example, a collection of magnolia’s, rare wild lemons and a ginkgo tree.
Also there is a collection of more than 2000 herbs. Initially the garden belonged to the nearby ‘Sint-Elisabeth’ hospital, and it contained mainly medicinal plants.
Today your’ll also find many cactuses and exotic plants, in the 1950’s greenhouse.

If you visit Antwerp, don’t forget to stop by this historical garden.

Photography by Philippe Corthout


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